In a unique training the team explore their personal values and how they connect to the values of their company. They match their personal value with images. These images are the base of a professional artwork reflecting the values of the team.
In a series of exercises and presentation the attendants are made aware of the principals of perception and how each person has there own filters through which they see the world. They will become aware of cultural and personal values. In an open discussion/brainstorm session the team sums up what values they find in their work. Each team member will choose their personal number 1 value and create a mind map. Then they link images to their mind map. They present their images together with it’s content (their chosen values).
The trainer and artist Hiron Kinsbergen takes the images to create a unique professional piece of art. In this artwork every team member will recognize their input.
Having an artwork hanging in the office reflecting personal and company values will have a positive effect. Sharing ideas of value will connect people in what they’re doing on a profound level. The training does not implement ideas it gives people the opportunity to think about their work on a deep level and share these thoughts. Taking these individual and collective thoughts and shaping it into an artwork makes this training unique.

Duration: +/- 5 hours
Maximum attendees: 15 people
Location: Non-office environment preferred

Option: booklet (see example)
Option: Lunch

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